Thursday, 10 December 2015

We Decorate Our World #3: Connect Through Decorations (2)

By looking at the gardens, the children learned many things about each other.

- Eric loves blue and he doesn't like to make his house too colourful. He likes it simple.
- Charlie loves red and swimming.
- Eva is good at making a beautiful garden and the children think her "house" looks very magical.
- Miquel likes green and he likes having big windows.
- Hyra wants her house to look pretty and colourful.
- Jacob likes having windows around the house. He also loves blue.
- Elliot loves red and he wants to make his garden pretty so everyone likes it.

We Decorate Our World #2: Connect Through Decorations (1)

Decorations tell human stories and help us know one another

Adding pools and flower beds
The children loved the different garden decors in our neighbours' yards. They commented on how cute a cat statue looked in one and in another how the trees looked silly. Our neighbours' creative gardens decorations inspired the children to create their own unique garden to their dioramas. Can the children's garden help us more about them?

"There's lots of flowers in my garden."

Blueprint for the garden