Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Express Yourself #9 - Photography

Last week, the children explored Alan's interest in photography. We looked at pictures taken by other photographers and what they want to express through their photos. The children were all very eager to go around the neighbourhood to try to capture things that interest them. After taking the pictures, each child took time to go through the pictures they took and chose the ones they want to develop. Next week, the children will present a photo exhibition.

Express Yourself #8 - Expressing Through Clothes

The children were quite interested with the costumes that ballet dancers wear in the show. This prompted some of the children to bring their own tutus or ballet slippers from home. Some children didn't have one and would like to have a pair of their own. I explained that fashion designers have a passion for style and design. They create new and exciting designs and express them through their clothes and apparel. Some designers even have fashion shows so people could see their newest designs.

The children loved the idea of being a fashion designer and to have a fashion show. Everyone made a pair of ballet slippers and some made tutus. The children enjoyed creating their own product and most importantly, many learned to appreciate clothing because of the time and work they put into making their own.