Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Generosity Abounds #6: "Lollicakes" for the Potlatch

The children worked exceptionally well together as we baked the "lollicakes" for the potlatch tomorrow. Everyone waited patiently to put in the ingredients. The children showed care and thoughtfulness by making sure everyone had a turn. Sophie suggested that we administer taste tests before the lollicakes were served to ensure they were served with our approval! And yes, the cakes passed the taste test!

Mixing the batter

Adding ingredients

The taste test!

Monday, 23 February 2015

Generosity Abounds #5 - Preparation for the Potlatch

Making paper mache masks

Choosing designs
Popping the balloon in the mask
Last week all the groups have been busy preparing for our potlatch taking place this Wednesday. A potlatch is a gift-giving feast practiced by indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest Coast of Canada and the United States. The Water group children are making masks, race cars, and happy cards to give away at the party. For food, the group wants to make lollipops and cakes so I suggested cake pops and of course everyone agreed!
Priming the mask and race car
Painting the mask

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Generosity Abounds #4: Surprise Party

Walking to IGA
Shopping at IGA
Giving gifts
Making toy helicopters
Making toy bears
There have been so many parties and treats given by the other groups that the Water Group felt that they should thank them for their generosity. "Why not throw a party for everyone," Olympia suggested. "A surprise party," Jayla added. We came up with a to-do list then the children took a walk to IGA to buy the things for the party. Theo wanted to give out gifts at the party so we made toy bears, toy helicopters and toy spiders.
Passing out the treats

Gift giving
The surprise party took place after rest time one day. Oh my, was it hard for the Water group children to hold in their excitement!  Right after rest time, all the water group children got up from their mats and yelled "SURPRISE!"