Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Building Together #5 - Chinatown Fieldtrip

 "The trip was awesome!" Owen said on our way back to Creative Minds.
When we arrived in Chinatown, we walked down Pender Street then Keefer Street. The children visited all kinds of stores, fish, meat, vegetables, fruit, dried food, and a bakery shop. The children noticed that all the people that worked there were Chinese. During our visit to the meat shop, the children and the butchers had such a great time talking (some in Mandarin) that the butchers gave some chinese sausage for the children to taste. "It's delicious!" said Jack.
After our stroll around the market, the children had lunch at Dr. Sun-Yat Sen Park. As we entered the park, the children felt the difference in the environment and asked, "Are we still in Canada?" Some noticed the different decorations around the park and Serena said, "The decorations look Chinese." This comment sparked a conversation about our past decorations unit and the different ways cultures decorate their community.