Monday, 25 May 2015

Express Yourself #2: Spreading Joy Through Flower Arrangments

The Water group explored Sophie's interest in flowers. First we went around the school to look at different flowers and made sketches. They feel that flowers are beautiful and people feel happy when they see them. They felt a little sad when it was time to return to school because they wished there were flowers inside our school. So the next day, I brought some flowers bought from IGA and the children made their own flower arrangements to display. And indeed, when the other children saw the arrangements, a smile would emerge from their little faces and they would comment on beautiful the flowers looked.

Monday, 11 May 2015

Express Yourself #1: Expressing Ideas Through a Book

When we gathered for group time to talk about the new unit, Express Yourself, many of them wanted to make a book to express some of their ideas. I showed the children many types of books. There were picture books, wordless books, scary books, story books, educational books, comic books, and the list goes on. The children eagerly chose a topic, the genre of the book and became authors! Below are their ideas:

Jayla and Allye: My Little Pony story book

Lucas: Eiffel Tower educational book

Sasha: Frozen picture story book

Theo: Pokemon character book

Olympia: Dora comic book

Matthew: Rescue Bots movie book

Charlie: Paw Patrol pop up book